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7 out of 10 organizations say their security risk increased significantly in 2017

Cybersecurity continues to be a growing priority for organizations of all sizes, across all industries. See how the latest stats and trends are shaping plans, spending, and priorities for 2018.

Top Ten Cybersecurity Tips For Businesses in 2018

This article originally posted by Oberveit on January 12th, 2018 gives a fresh outlook on the current year cyber threat landscape.

Checklist for Security Best Practices

This posting from MicroSoft is a little dated now, but includes some good strategy tips and best practices to secure infrastructure and communications, and to increase the likelihood of maintaining business continuity.

60% of Small Businesses Close Permanently Within 6 Months After a Cyber Attack

The inconvenient truth about cyber attacks is that the majority are actually launched against small to medium sized businesses. The attacks are becoming more numerous and more sophisticated, and the impact to small businesses can be catastrophic.

Here are the technologies that CFO’s are expecting their organizations will need in the next 2-3 years.


THE MOST OVERLOOKED CYBERSECURITY DEFENSE TACTICS—threats/doh!!!–the-10-most-overlooked-security-tasks/d/d-id/1330820


Does the FTC have to impose larger fines to get companies to improve their cybersecurity?

Facebook Allowed Political Ads That Were Actually Scams and Malware

Traditionally, Facebook has been reluctant to review ads before they show up on its platform. From CNBC: