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Cyber Threat Intelligence: Many sources of information available for free or at low cost

Saw this article in “Dark Reading”:——-/d/d-id/1330447?image_number=1

Beware of Downloading Infected Apps at Sports Events

It’s all too easy to get caught up in the enthusiasm of a sporting event but beware of downloading an infected app while you’re there!

Please see attached white paper from Allot CommunicationsRP_MobileTrends_Euro_2016_LR_Publish

The IIoT challenge: Cellular vs. Low Power WAN

Essentially, the choice of cellular vs. LPWAN network access for IIoT boils down to four key considerations:
1. Access to cell coverage
2. The need for localized intelligence
3. The number of sensor points being managed
4. Cost

Please see more detail in the attached article by Jay Kilby in IoTNow:

Driving revenue with the Internet of Things

Unlocking_the_potential_of_the_Internet_of_Things_Full_reportThe number of working applications and devices is quite small relative to the forecasted growth of internet connected devices and the key to unlocking that potential lies in early adoption, favorable legislation, and timely funding. See the attached McKinsey report on “Unlocking the Potential of the Internet of Things”.

IoT driving greater efficiency in the Oil and Gas industries

Here’s a good example of how IoT can enable greater operating efficiency through the the deployment and monitoring of smart sensors… in this case for the Oil and Gas industry.OGIQ The Year That Oil & Gas Bought Into Cell – Predictions 2016